Alfy spent most of his youth at a local TV station, where his mother was an office manager. When he was old enough, he got a job as a part time receptionist, then soon advanced to a Master Control Operator, Camera Operator, Content Editor, and finally Program Director. As Program Director he managed relationships with studio distributors for syndicated content and major motion pictures. He developed a schedule of both live and taped programming to establish a competitive nelson rating among other local networks. He soon established one of the first Fox affiliated stations in the country.

In his airline experience Alfy has worked with DIRECTV and Dish Network to produce great TV lineups and optimize satellite TV performance. Not only has he built relationships with the major satellite providers but has also worked directly with networks, such as CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox to develop a partnerships for content.

Alfy’s industry relationships have given him the ability to secure a wide variety of content for Inflight Entertainment. His list of network content continues to grow from HBO, CBS, Showtime, Disney, Revision3, Boing Boing Video, Current TV, Campus Movie Fest, TedTalks and other web TV programming.